From the recording future indicative

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"future indicative," by Leigh Herrick. Performed by Leigh Herrick. Guitar by Leigh Herrick. "Romance" by Anonymous © Parkening Music. Used with permission.



my heart is breaking breaking with the Bomb
my heart is hurting aching with the Bomb
that crawls at night into bed with me sleek
and full of terrific rummagings among the dreams
I do not dare to tell my heart
is breaking with the Bomb just breaking breaking
into homes and domes and palatial chains of
thinking breaking looting never ceasing with this
never-ending brink of war my heart is turning yearning
what to See? what isn’t heard? among fallen bricks
and erected tombs among stones and deadened lines’
unwritten poems my heart breaks daily with so much
bread my belly-heart well-fed on the new world’s
futured famine and predilections ascertained with
confident dread my heart the brain surgeon factoring
the inane that does not ask or has forgotten how:
Whose Moon is it anyway or now? on such an eve
in which my heart just breaks and breaks and breaks
again and never grieves

March 2003