My Nature Bends Toward Nature

In this time of SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19

March 22, 2020

I will perhaps forego the daily briefing.  It will help me keep my words beautiful.  I will reread this Navajo Prayer, "Walk in Beauty" and remember that my nature is steeped in Nature.  I'll wait for the light coating of snow to melt, then head back out into the meadow I'm prepping, tho' much is already popping.  The sorrel is up!

After 3 days of adjustment to total work stoppage, after the city has come to near-stoppage, after seeing all of Nature coming out / returning for spring, including eagles and hawks, and a huge red fox, I find I am somehow right, meaning in balance, and this makes me know certain things about the speed of our living....

I survive, always, by returning to the pollen path. I try to be its purpose.  Sometimes insane leadership pushes me off my walk, but I learn to go back to the root.  Nature, the only Reality that counts.

Well, that remark is problematic at certain levels.  Surely, it should not be a luxury for some.  But Nature is showing us also that it doesn't care for Human problems.  There's a lesson in that I wish the world would now overwhelmingly take to heart, as many of us seem to be echoing. 

Be Well,   

Leigh Herrick

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Leigh Herrick has given us a glorious gift to bask in. Even if Without, Haiku only contained two poems - "Creative life..." and "An ant..." --  you would want to keep this voice of clarity close at hand.  A tender, potent vision and listening pervades.  -Naomi Shihab Nye 


Leigh Herrick's poems are deeply felt, tightly wrought, and morally compelling. They demand our attention. 

-Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive Magazine