1. capital I
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"capital I," by Leigh Herrick. Performed by Leigh Herrick.



capItal I
wIthIn wIthout
the Inner-cIty the suburbanIte the
maul of amerIca mIssIle-Invested
atomIc constItutIon and state of
IncommunIcado fIrst strIke polIcy wIth
d-uranIum and hamdI ImprIsoned
padIlla mIlItarIly whIle
kIssInger cambodIa hIred 9/11 Invest I
gator lIves In mIssIon accomplIshment
lIke general elect r
Ic and vIacom of patrIotIsm unIted
(In) defense (of) publIc televIsIon
the kIttyhawk.navy InstItutIon of
Iron trIangle lIke axIs and Ism
as In mccarthy lIke tIps and wIred
or vIdeo surveIllance and Instant
onlIne monItorIng these terrorIst tImes
lIke democratIzed IndIfference our
gIfts of radIoactIve Isotopes from
Independent republIc of unIlateral
thInk tank absolutIsm and
cItIzen whItehouse tree tops prop-
agenda allegIant wIth fbI- cIa-
armed representatIves of cIvIlIty
the questIon Is: whIch
whIch natIon
whIch relIgIon
whIch presIdent
what In fInIte justIce
remaIns of peace

December 6, 2002