1. fruit study II

From the recording Just War

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"fruit study: II," by Leigh Herrick, November 3, 2001. Performed by Leigh Herrick. Tambourine, Leigh Herrick.



How can this thin page be split between good & evil?
At the beginning of the dream there was longing
without shame.
At the end of the dream
atoms were split
and the waste of fission stored
in the deep presence of so many looming catastrophes—
The latest casualties were piled into the narrative of
body parts that began with photos & markers:
“Last seen wearing—“
“A large tattoo—“
“A golden ring—“
These were the Missing
now in the rubble of New York City
They are like the Missing
now in the rubble of Kabul
There was never any deception.
We were given the garden,
told what to eat,
and not.