From the recording Just War

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"Defeat of Barbarism," by Leigh Herrick, December 7, 2001. Performed by Leigh Herrick. Frame drums by Leigh Herrick (traditional Nubian [Sudanese] rhythm).



He begged he begged they searched him &
emptied him he terrified he begged from the
ditch from the wound begging begging as they
celebrated begging begging hands up frozen begging
& afraid frozen begging as he bled through
widespread alliances as he bled through
US backing as he begged from the ditch
of ruin for the terror passed for the terror
yet to come begging begging the hauled-up him
up they threw him down removed his pants & the
bursts the bursts while he begged of laughter of
shots of emotionless indifference-with-results
pulled to his feet from the ditch
today begged for mercy begged for anything
a man makes allegiances you know a man
makes alliances & pledges all even from
the ditch even before he concedes to death
even as he witnesses how it lives in the casting
stares of his plundered comrades a man can
change you know so he begged for all even
knowing this was war even knowing
how peace was ever held in captivity yet
he rose his hands & begged & surrendered all
before the rifle shots & those of the photographer
who found him for the New York Times
hands up frozen in death looking a little like
Big Foot after the battle at Wounded Knee

December 7, 2001