1. Cornucopia

From the recording Just War

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"Cornucopia," by Leigh Herrick. Performed by Leigh Herrick



Aren’t there truffles enough in general and for the Gens d’Armes-du-Monde-Not-to-Be-

Isn’t there enough corn & wheat enough beef & beer enough milk & soy enough

enough football & showgirls, roses for mom & the biggest diamond rings
for those we love?

Isn’t there enough?

Isn’t there, in the sugar-caned suites of the bamboo-ed mornings, in the teed up hot
afternoons of summer, in the dusk of setting-sun-emblazoned, capped Midwestern peaks
of want and need able to be satisfied in weekly vacation packages if you are one of the fortunate, given half a chance?

Who will you face in the World’s next crisis?
From where will your next letter come?

This warm bed in winter: Who will die for it, again?