WITHOUT, HAIKU (2013, electronic edition)


Leigh Herrick's WITHOUT, HAIKU is full of brief, lovely poems.  The writing is evocative and, due to the nature of haiku, stark.  As a collection of poems, it is actually quite glorious.... 

-Ashley McCall, Portland Book Review


Leigh Herrick has given us a glorious gift to bask in. Even if Without, Haiku only contained two poems - "Creative life..." and "An ant..." --  you would want to keep this voice of clarity close at hand.  A tender, potent vision and listening pervades.

                                                          -Naomi Shihab Nye 


There is a pleasant solitude in Leigh Herrick’s poems, and yet one is aware that she is embraced by a multitude of stories, of humanity, of presence in a world full of “half moons” and “ten thousand dreams.”  Wider than contemplation, Without, Haiku invites participation, and stirs in us an inevitable sense of belonging.  I love these poems.  They are beyond analysis, beyond reasoning, beyond poetry.  

–Christina Chow 






HOME FRONT  (2012)


HOME FRONT is available in paperback and electronic editions.  The paperback is perfectly bound, 116 pp, with a soft cover and gloss cover finish.


    Leigh Herrick's poems are deeply felt, tightly wrought, and morally compelling. They demand our attention. 

-Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive Magazine


Leigh Herrick is a master of tonality and truth.  Her performative power explodes from the page into full fluency of its voicing.  I have seldom read work that so intrinsically honors both tradition and innovation in the art of poetry.  This volume is profoundly important. 

-Sheila E. Murphy


Leigh Herrick’s poems are smart, direct and uncompromising calls to action, to change what we do to one another and our world....  She is one hell of a writer, not afraid to experiment with you and the language both, and her meticulously crafted prose is often astonishing. 

-Tom Cassidy


One may not wish to revisit the George W. years, however this collection of work is a wide-ranging statement addressing the anger, sorrow and perplexity of what has affected us all.  The variety of poetic forms and hard-hitting topics confront our individual and collective pasts...and enlightens our language of remembrance.  It's time again to realize that poetry can be relevant as is eloquently shown by Ms. Herrick. 

-Scott Helmes