New Work in CALIBAN 21 


You can read my poem, "a becoming if," in CALIBAN 21   Stir once.  Flip to page 75.  Or just scroll down.  Enjoy.  -LH


a becoming if


I will fall into the oblivion of your mouth

I will drip the wing of green the unheard trail of becoming if

ever there was

and this the rationed partagé

the sprint of the burst’s brute beauty

whose pallid aforefold entrusted offering wilds the undoing’s done

holds flares of then and then

against agreement of yesses  

complicity a thinness of daily skate around stale-studding bread

the mireness of giddysome is foiling been for shouts of branded languishings

by which to nod and nod

and nod again

dozed away

from the sun set free



This poem is already 10 years old.  How sad, its ongoing relevance.  -LH


homeless | Leigh Herrick


or coming
to the blank garden
filled with broken things
they emptied their pockets
of all they never had
and swept the grounds
of their countenance clean
having lived so long on lies
they’d nearly forgotten
the names of streets
or the letters used
to spell their love