"waiting," published in OTOLITHS




"waiting," published in OTOLITHS




This video features photographs I took during the 2011 protest to stop cuts to Collective Bargaining Rights for Union Workers in Wisconsin (where I spent most of my childhood and my grandfather worked for years as a Union Electrician).  This protest took place in Madison.




Performing my piece, "Promises", at The Loft / Open Book in Minneapolis, November 2007.   The poem was written for the poet June Jordan who died from breast cancer in 2002.  Edward Said died in 2003.  (Fatigue sometimes leads to misspeaking--I had only returned the night before from attending, with MN Vets for Peace, the annual protest at Fort Benning, GA.)  The cross represents a young boy killed in El Salvador.  Poet, writer and visual artist Tom Cassidy introduces me.





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