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Roque Dalton: Moral on the Tool

EXILE IN THE HOMELAND: An Open Poem to Congress




Exile in the Homeland: A New Year’s Eve Open Poem to Congress


Thank You, Readers


Thanks to all of you purchasing my books, and especially my e-book, WITHOUT, HAIKU


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From Columbine to Marjory Stoneman Douglas....

I have, for some time now, been thinking about the poetry of witness....

New Single, "amazingly fractal"

Limerick 76




I wonder who else thinks he’s crazy

to express such thoughts like a lazy

shithole himself

lacking the stealth

that others adhere to while mazing....

Limerick 75




Dear Gods, he just said he’s a genius—

So now I suppose he’ll convene us

in halls of cheap thrills

delivering chills   

while carving himself into friezes


Limerick 74




Imagine Old Steve gone for Trump’s throat!

They’re acting like two Billy Gruff Goats!

One butthead just bumps—

The other just dumps

them both in the Fake Daily News Moat!



Limerick 73




Trump didn’t control his Twit-Trigger

He tweeted his button was bigger—

Faster and better--

Speed to –un’s fetter—

Such dexterous, machismo vigor!

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