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Radio Leigh: St. Jean de Fos


A poem for the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI

RADIO LEIGH: Protecting Our 1st Amendment and "poem for another stormy day"


...but I want to say there is a vote you have in your hand if you are 18 years or older, are a U.S. citizen, and are registered to vote.  If you are not registered to vote I hope you will get registered.  And then, of course, I hope you will vote.  Yes, I do.  I hope you will vote for the quality of life all people deserve and in whatever peaceful manner they choose to constitute their happiness.  I hope you will vote for the 1st Amendment because it is waiting for you and it certainly needs you.

WHAT IS CALLED NOT POETRY: For Matthew Shepard, 20 Years Later


20 years later...and so the poem I had written after the murder of Matthew Shepard...that language not become the code for collusion with silence.  Apply to all fitting shoes...and especially in light of Jamal Khashoggi.

The Part about Being Scrappy Like a Farmer


Repurposing is the trendy term, and I was into it before it became so.  I have always said to myself not to throw a thing away that still has use to it.  I might need it someday, my mantra.  But now I’m totally into it.  You can live pretty well, being scrappy.  You don’t have to buy every little thing over and again....

The Bit about the Foxes


Last March the dog showed up one morning with a rabbit thigh in his mouth.  Something had buried it beneath the pine tree in the back yard for later-eating.  That was my first clue they were here....





July 3, 2018


I often feel I am dancing madly with the earth in a kind of cyclical spin.  With the planet, I am joined in this expression of recurrent errancy seeking its return to balance. 

Not Just a Poet


Yep.  That’s how I live.  What I do between writing, and there is never a dull moment.  I am the Prairie Poet, living as though I were on a hobby farm....

lost mostly found poem



One of the poems--amended for the time--in my book, HOME FRONT


How many times to have to say a thing?  To live it?  Keep the faith, though.  The current reflexive kickback of the Totalitarian mock-up in the White House is an indication that mutually beneficial social change is real, is being actualized, and it is threatening the Old Guard.  But change is here, and it's coming from the ground up, where it always comes from: The People.


Keep going, in, with, through, and by Love.







Shout Out to My Readers


To all of you purchasing and reading / listening to my work: Thank you!  And thanks, also, for your emails.  It's wonderful to read how my work impacts you.


I will reopen the comments section for you.  All comments will be screened before being posted.  If I am not inundated with SPAM I will leave this open.  But if the SPAM returns I will shut it down, again. 







Associated Press Photo of American Democracy in Action


Associated Press Photo. 

March for Our Lives.  Hundreds of thousands march on Washington. 

March 24, 2018.  




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