In solidarity with the millions of women--and those who love them--who marched for human rights today in Washington D.C. and cities across the United States and throughout the World.  Bravo.



Progressives got such a fright

as though they had lost their light—

It was devolution

called for revolution

to set future courses aright.






He said he’d denounce such Elements—

But aren’t They really the Elephants

standing before us,

Beautiful Chorus

of White Supremacist Sycophants?




Imagine it’s more than a trompe l’oeil

to treat the world like your own toy—

Imagine Siberia—

Imagine then Syria—

Imagine yourself the next decoy.




Go on and purchase new Jeans!

Make it a State of L.L.Bean!

Get good coats for who’s

too long without shoes—

(Get over yourself! What a dream!)




He said, Nasty Woman you’re cruisin’

for bruisin’ but then I’m refusin’

to spend one more dime

on a broad past her prime—

Still, I won’t let a dame force my losin’!





Half said Oh, Brilliance is Here!

Only brilliance never appeared—

It went for a ride

like men at high tide

trying to float boards that are sheared.




The Deutsche Bank stuff ain’t an issue

he said coughing into his misuse

We’ll approbate here

and tax evade there—

Make billions on Taiwanese tissue!




Roll back Dodd-Frank, go and do it!

The Banks will help see you through it!

Small Biz needs upstart—

It isn’t an art—

Putting nails in free coffins will prove it!


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