...In this commitment we would advance our fullest humanity by the truth-telling folds and jump-off spaces of lines that would cling to the beating hearts of those wanting to know they are not just another blank page in an empty world.  They are Somebody.  They are All of Us.

Nevertheless She perSisted
where Truth for the Planet InSisted
We stop the Lined Lies
And stand with our Eyes
In Love for the Earth past the Twisted



Bannon should also just shut up and

realize good journalists always stand

up for the truth

knowing which Brutes

are the real Swamp of the Hinterland




Kellyanne Conway and Göring

share something of a red herring:

An excess of penchant

for dead-ending questions—

exposing false tongues’ forked daring.




The hacks never happened, he said.

So put away your Cold War dread.

I'll see about Putin--

There'll be no disputin'

the cards are all played far ahead.



A mixed media piece I did in collaboration with Tom Cassidy was just published in CALIBAN #26.  Click on the page link above to view. 




In solidarity with the millions of women--and those who love them--who marched for human rights today in Washington D.C. and cities across the United States and throughout the World.  Bravo.



Progressives got such a fright

as though they had lost their light—

It was devolution

called for revolution

to set future courses aright.






He said he’d denounce such Elements—

But aren’t They really the Elephants

standing before us,

Beautiful Chorus

of White Supremacist Sycophants?


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