blues exam 3



what you want

of a thousand shadows

and they will show

the darkness is

yet hasn't come




blues exam 2


if the aberration ran ribbons

out of hearts

what would remain but to

grasp imagination’s poemy palm

consider further contemplation

and know the void of a single tongue



blues exam 1


these nights are

most defined

by blue works read

in the need

of heaven




or coming
to the blank garden
filled with broken things
they emptied their pockets
of all they never had
and swept the grounds
of their countenance clean
having lived so long on lies
they’d nearly forgotten
the names of streets
or the letters used
to spell their love




Blitzkrieg Variation 3


he was one of the good ones surely

he would have brought her trinkets

like crows

but every day was begun again

in the center of bombdreams

while the garden lay

tripped along currents

coursing between stars

and that song of love

formed long ago


as the remembrance of birds




Blitzkrieg Variation 2


So they left       somewhere

an arm              a leg

and now the poppies grow

tall and red and all

over the place so wild

in the fields Glory

has returned--

is the name

for what may never

be retrieved








They learned to kill
each other
and the Power to win
was used to gather
Everything in
like the sudden word
that turned
even the smallest
wild rose




A loss of credibility

leads to false incredulity

when Trump leads the news

'cause that’s what he does

best when under true scrutiny



I just shut the TV off and opened Wendell Berry instead.


Here is Berry's poem from FARMING: A Hand Book


FEBRUARY 2, 1968


In the dark of the moon, in flying snow, in the dead of winter,
war spreading, families dying, the world in danger,
I walk the rocky hillside, sowing clover.




Off now to sow clover....





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