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July 30, 2017


July 30, 2017


Uffda!  And I’m not even Scandinavian!  I spent the entire day outside working the yard.  I had to hoist up tomatoes that outgrew even the climbing fence I built for them.  Lawn cutting…and I decided to plow through some of my grass I’d let go to meadow.  Lawnmower didn’t like that.  Sour burp.  Could be it’s just clogged, but it is old and I’ve asked much of it, so if it’s shot I’ll have to replace it.  Not too happy about that.  Probably, the engine got too hot, so the circuit breaker popped.  I’ll let it cool, clean it up well, and hope to start again with it another day.


The corn field has a fence now, and I put up some bamboo fencing back where I have raspberries to allow a bit more privacy between the bushes and a neighbor’s fence and yard.  I had to clean that whole area out of overgrowth.  I wish I had gotten non-suckering raspberries.  I moved the wood pile, too.  It had been laid out wrong and wasn’t as protected from the elements as it should have been, so I finally got around to getting the wood put away into the shed where it will dry out well.  It was a day of getting ready.  Company will come and stay for a couple weeks.  Here’s a poem for that from Without, Haiku:


knock at the door—

chimes ring from the tree limb—

many faces among leaves