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Dear Democrats: A Feminist's Defense of Al Franken


Dear Democrats: A Feminist’s Defense of Al Franken


Dear Democrats,


I think you are done for.  I think you have forgotten all about McCarthyism, and you have evolved into a silent membrane that won’t discern the strange perversions twisted up in this new form of Crucible to which you have succumbed by strategy-of-sacrifice and a morality that is blind to all possibilities worth noting, including the possibility that trolls are everywhere, and the reality that, yes, indeed, women can actually lie and utterly usurp the purpose of (say, a movement’s) original intent for ill-got gain.


In this worst of all worlds, when a frenzy is whipped up and there is no one standing up and taking note, this is not just a hashtag me too movement; this is also an ongoing coup.  This is a hacking away at the Democratic party from all angles and the Party is so afraid to anger young millennials it so desperately wants for 2020 that it won’t even consider holding its horses long enough to lead these millennials with a good dose of Congressional Hag Wisdom that says: We get it, but let’s not burn all our bridges while we’re standing on them. 


When “moral high ground” puritanism mingles with feminist insistence without dissecting beyond theory to underscore dark web machinations, well, we've got big trouble.


Getting rid of Al Franken as an “ethical” strategy will bite the Party back in time, and that’s a bet Bannon wagered on long ago, and so, Dear Democrats, you have just set yourselves up to lose not just 2018 but 2020 as well.


Ethics would have involved standing up for Franken and letting the truth be measured by the Senate Ethics Committee.  This point should not be ironic!  Instead, you have let that train-of-change become a runaway wreck by allowing critical thinking to be replaced by opinion and lack-of-patience.


The saddest fact is, when Ethics becomes mere utility for Political Strategy then Ethics itself is already quite dead.