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Limerick 5



Don said "Flag burning's verboten!

You'll go to prison!  That's certain!"

He tweeted the cause:

1st Amendment pause

"Erode People's Rights!" his assertion

Radio Leigh: August 1, 2016

Radio Leigh: Cohen, SUZANNE

What Poetry Is or Isn't In A Nutshell?

Speaking of poetry like gardens....

Radio Leigh: in the expurgation of mask

I'm Working On It, Philando Castile


I know you are waiting for my response to the murder of Philando Castile, and I am working on a spoken piece for him.  It will post as a Radio Leigh contribution, hopefully in about another week or two.  Meantime, a recent post by SARAH MARSH through Krista Tippett's ON BEING site was brought to my attention this morning.  It's titled As A Nation, Where Do We Stand?  In it Marsh talks about a standing presence, solid as a mountain, and quotes Elie Wiesel....

Radio Leigh: Lao Tzu, Climate Change, Stillness and I: A LETTER

Radio Leigh: Strawberries, Potatoes, and The Caged Sun

Radio Leigh: Passage of Time

Radio Leigh: Cats and BIRDS

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