It’s true many States are burning

while D.eniers of C.limate keep churning

their lying, bright bubbles

to quiet the rabble

that witness charred forests’ forewarnings




The age-old problem at hand—

Not a Second Coming just land

a court could nab

in the Ha!-Gonna-Grab!

hollow space of emptied last sands….




The CIA is composed

of charlatans! he supposed.

Lock ’em up!

Let Hillary sup

with them in my Show of Shows!





The popular choice would win

but the Electoral College was in

sync with redistricting—

It isn’t a mystery

how votes get sold out with gin.




1st Gal Elect from Slovenia

seems not so terribly mean ya

know—She rolled in the hay

so has millions to pay

for her fashion and sipping verbena.





The World is still sexist you know.

You can tie it up with a bow.

A black tuxedo—

A leggy torpedo—

Both come for one final blow.




They thought of the fascist called Donald

who thought of Them all as B. Arnolds—

He tweeted for fear

saying, “Peeps!  They are here!

Let’s march ’em all up to the scaffold!”




There once was a Prez-like Businessman

who’d prove unconflicted: I think I can!

So he huffed and he puffed

blew his Twitter thumb off

and dreamed of hotels in Pakistan.



There was an old fart named Trump

whose trumpery jumped-and-dumped

He’d whistle and call

“Hot damn you, Gal!

You must be one serious hump!”


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