Blog 2016

Limerick 18



Trump said he’d withdraw from his business

I guess that’s a pro—well, thank goodness!

cuz his cons still abound—

or haven’t you found

any motives behind what’s divisive?


Limerick 17



There was a Prez Donald The Wannabe

who half the country took seriously

so voted For Trump

and let their fists bump

into walls of despotic trajectory


Limerick 14



Gorbanevskaya went to prison

for acting too much the woman

who cared for her State

and isn’t it great

to feel word-restriction re-risen?


Limerick 50



Trumped and rigged go together

like birds of an estranging feather--

They gag and they pout

over truth and then shout

The Media Lie is our tether!

Radio Leigh: Solstice and Herring and Limericks 4-6

Limerick 13



He lied that the votes were illegal

In the land of majestic eagles

that soar above news

knowing how chumps lose

if they trump Earthly Love with the regal

Limerick 12



They pumped it at the rallies—

never walking in death’s valleys—

taking the dare

to repeal health care—

see if women really die in back alleys


Limerick 11



It’s Infrastructure, he said

That’ll keep the U.S. ahead—

Bad Hombres are out!

Put walls all about!

As if a Great Purge could rethread.



Limerick 10



It’s true many States are burning

while D.eniers of C.limate keep churning

their lying, bright bubbles

to quiet the rabble

that witness charred forests’ forewarnings


Limerick 41



The age-old problem at hand—

Not a Second Coming just land

a court could nab

in the Ha!-Gonna-Grab!

hollow space of emptied last sands….


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