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Radio Leigh: Exile in the Homeland: An Open Poem to Congress

Radio Leigh: Crossing Water Blues

Caliban Online

Radio Leigh: Elegy for Voice Set in Waves and Dunes

Radio Leigh: State of A Union

Radio Leigh: Reconsidering Plath's Black Shoe

Maybe in every such moment taking place for women and girls we head toward the egalitarian future of non-extremism and non-violence, a future where women are important participants, not subjects of control but contributing members of humane societies. 

Radio Leigh: Leonard Nimoy: Live Long and Prosper

I haven’t thought of that play in a long time, but I found out it was filmed at the Guthrie.  Diehard Trekkies might shudder at it, but if you’re a theater buff you might really enjoy Nimoy’s performance as brother Theo in VINCENT. 

Radio Leigh: Memorial, University Avenue, St. Paul


A poem dedicated to Senator Paul Wellstone, from my book, HOME FRONT.

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